401K maxed out? Think annuities.

Man401K maxed out? Annuities offer you an investment that can grow without the impact of taxes until withdrawals are made, they can be a good alternative to consider when other tax-deferred investments such as 401k plans and IRAs are maxed-out.

Say you’re putting the legally allowed limit into your 401(k) and you make a full contribution to your IRA every year, too. You also have a regular investment account with tax-efficient holdings, perhaps in municipal bonds or low-turnover exchange-traded funds. That’s the account you can tap when you really need to, prior to drawing on your tax-deferred investments. If you have all of that, but you’re still really flush and have more money to sock away, annuities might be a good choice.

The value of using a broker. As an adviser / broker, it is my responsibility and mission to provide the best guidance available in order maximize your benefits and reduce your potential costs associated with all of your needs, health, life, retirement, home and auto. Please feel free to contact me today for free consultation.


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