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Do you want to learn more about affordable health insurance options for your family? The services that Cortez Group Insurance has to offer? If so – We want to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We specialize in all types of Insurance including Workers Compensation, Liability and Professional Insurance. Health, Life, Medicare, and even Retirement. You can also learn more about us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finding Insurance shouldn’t consume most of your time, let our professionals handle the leg work so you can get back to your family time. With access to all the carriers in the state, rest assured that finding the right policy will be easier than any previous experiences you may have had.

Our System

Our aim is to enable small business owners and families to mitigate loss. As an insurance distribution channel we hand-craft every plan based on your family’s needs. We take the surrounding economic changes into consideration too. We understand that not everyone has a money-tree in their backyard. Which is why every plan begins with financial security and ends with family health.
Today’s Insurance Markets contain too many guarantees and too much information. So much information that it requires a Licensed Insurance Adviser. A LIA breaks down the concepts Insurance Companies dazzle. We know this task is one of high regard. Which is why our LIAs receive training with the most up to date information on the Market. We keep our ears to the ground throughout the year so you don’t have to.
We Promise that your experience will be about nothing but the best. If we give you the best experience now, we hope you will be our business partner for the long haul. We will protect you from now until medicare!
There's no limit to what we offer our clients, we work with all the New England Carriers. We have access to all the Health, Life, Home and Auto, and Insurance Companies. So who to shop with is obvious, we do all the leg work for you.