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Off Exchange

Real QUICK and to the point! There are only two ways to get health insurance in MA. One is based on income (On Exchange) and one is not (Off Exchange). Once you reach a certain income level, you no longer qualify for the (On Exchange) program also known as a Subsidy. If you think you qualify for a subsidy, please contact us immediately. We qualify and enroll subsidy eligible individuals and families.

For the Off Exchange Consumers, you must shop Health Services Administrators (HSA). We’ve partnered with HSA to ensure that your needs are met in the most timely manner possible. Either route we go, On/Off exchange, the rates are the same, the rates are set by the insurers and then approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Insurance. In that sense they are fully regulated, so you will not see cheaper options bouncing around and switching between brokers.

On Exchange

For access to subsidy information through the Massachusetts Health Connector contact us. We are qualified to assist and enroll individuals or families through the program. We have worked with many families for many years. We do charge a small application fee, based on a sliding scale. This is to compensate for time spent qualifying your income, completing the application, following up to ensure you or your family has been accepted, and travel to/from you. You will be happy with the results. Our recurring base of families and businesses prove that. So give us a call, the conversation is free, we are dedicated to ensuring you are insured.

Industry Codes

If you are a “Company”, you’ll need to know your standard industry code (SIC). Use this search link to find out: SIC CODE LIST